Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chapter 3 MacArthur

This is for Second period Only..
Chapter 3.
--List three specific changes MacArthur implemented at West Point.
--Did MacArthur support the West Point Football team? explain how
--Did MacArthur support the West Point baseball Team? explain how
--Who were the DOGS and why did they have an opinion of General MacArthur? What was it? Why?
--When they had a bonfire in front of MacArthur's residence, what was MacArthur's reaction? Did he approve or disapprove? Why
--Why did General Pershing harbor resentment for General MacArthur? What fueled their animosity?
--Who was Henrietta Louise Cromwell Brooks? How did she fit into General MacArthur's life?
--What happened on Saint Valentine's Day 1922?
--Where did MacArthur get stationed at after his time as Superintendent of West Point?
--Why were the 1928 Olympics mentioned in this book?
--Who was Isabel Rosario Cooper ? Why is she mentioned in this book? Describe her interactions with Douglas MacArthur and his mother.
--How did MacArthur respond to the Bonus Expeditionary Force (BEF)??
--What was MacArthur's relationship with the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps?
--After MacArthur's tour of duty as Army Chief of Staff, where did he get stationed? This is at the very end of Chapter 3.

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