Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chapter 3 MacArthur

This is for Second period Only..
Chapter 3.
--List three specific changes MacArthur implemented at West Point.
--Did MacArthur support the West Point Football team? explain how
--Did MacArthur support the West Point baseball Team? explain how
--Who were the DOGS and why did they have an opinion of General MacArthur? What was it? Why?
--When they had a bonfire in front of MacArthur's residence, what was MacArthur's reaction? Did he approve or disapprove? Why
--Why did General Pershing harbor resentment for General MacArthur? What fueled their animosity?
--Who was Henrietta Louise Cromwell Brooks? How did she fit into General MacArthur's life?
--What happened on Saint Valentine's Day 1922?
--Where did MacArthur get stationed at after his time as Superintendent of West Point?
--Why were the 1928 Olympics mentioned in this book?
--Who was Isabel Rosario Cooper ? Why is she mentioned in this book? Describe her interactions with Douglas MacArthur and his mother.
--How did MacArthur respond to the Bonus Expeditionary Force (BEF)??
--What was MacArthur's relationship with the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps?
--After MacArthur's tour of duty as Army Chief of Staff, where did he get stationed? This is at the very end of Chapter 3.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Chapter 2 American Caesar book

1. How did MacArthur's "Anschauungsvermogen" help and/or hurt him?
2. How many times was MacArthur wounded during World War One? The Purple Heart medal is the medal awarded for being wounded.
3. The Medal of Honor is the highest award for heroism in combat that a military service member can win. How many Medals of Honor did MacArthur win in World War One/
4. The Silver Star is a medal awarded to military people for heroic action in combat. How many of these did MacArthur win during WW ONE?
5. What was Joseph C. Chase's impression of MacArthur?
6. What did MacArthur do when he was held up at gun point?
7. How would people who were with MacArthur during World War One describe MacArthur's conduct during World War One?