Thursday, June 1, 2017

Final Exam STUDY Guide


Crash Course Videos
--  Westward Expansion
-- Growth of Cities, Immigration, Urbanization
-- Gilded Age Politics
-Progressive Era
-- Imperialism 
--  Progressive Presidents
-- America In World War I 
-- Roaring 20s
-- Great Depression 
-- New Deal 
-- World War II 
-- WW II the Homefront
-- Cold War 
-- Civil Rights in the 1950s
-- 1960s
-- Ford, Carter 
-- Ronald Reagan
-- George Bush and the End of the Cold War
-- Bill Clinton Years
--  Terror, War, and the George W. Bush years

2. TEXTBOOK readings.  For American History II, you should read Chapter 6 to 27

5. Some Thinglink Images on the following topics. Open the images and open the tags. 
     a.   World War II 
       b.   Imperialism 
        c.  1920s 
       e. Vietnam War

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